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VoiceXML-based phone chat

Web2tel Chat is an advanced interactive voice messaging product. With Web2tel Chat, your chat service benefits from the well-known advantages of VoiceXML technology. In particular:

En particulier :

  • Your investment is protected by standardization: Your Chat Service does not depend on a proprietary voice platform vendor anymore. Web2tel Chat may be operated on any platform implementing the W3C standards.
  • If you decide to invest in your own equipment: you can have vendors compete efficiently.
  • If you prefer to signup for VoiceXML hosting: you can have hosting providers compete efficiently.

User Features

Depending on the feature set that you select, your callers may use the following features :

  • Interactive voice dialog with other on-line users.
  • Easy and intuitive on-line profile setup.
  • Privacy protection.
  • Flexible and user-friendly navigation in the list of on-line users.
  • Advanced user search.

Moderator features

At any time, you can monitor the operation of your Chat Service via the Internet :

  • Web-based monitoring
  • Monitoring of voice announcements.
  • Disconnection of unfair callers.
  • Screening of unwanted callers.
  • Monitoring and archival of messages.


Web2tel Chat offers multiple features to make your Chat Service unique. You choose :

  • Voices, music and sound effects may be recorded specifically to match the theme and ambiance that you decide.
  • Dialogs may be customized by enabling or disabling each option one by one. The available options are the following :
  • Caller's profile contents: nickname, greeting, age, sex, geographical area.
  • Minimum required age.
  • One-to-one.
  • Advanced user search.
  • Volatile or persistent (password-protected) voice mailboxes.
  • Contact lists for persistent voice mailboxes.
  • The monitoring console may be branded.
  • The dialogs as well as the monitoring console may be totally customized based on software components developed by Web2tel.