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Corporations and public institutions: reduce your IVR costs

You offer, or plan to offer, an IVR service to the public. The development and operations costs of such a service can be substantially high.

Maintenance costs build up quickly, specially when the contents are updated frequently.

Thanks to Web2tel's VoiceXML technology, you can now reduce those costs.

How Web2tel can reduce costs :

Traditional IVR servers rely on proprietary technology. When you decide to outsource your voice services to a traditional operator, you become locked-in by the operator's technology. After the service is developed and commissioned, it is very difficult to bring in other operators.

In this case, moving to a competing operator is a tough job: it means having the application entirely redeveloped.

With Web2tel's VoiceXML technology, thanks to language standardization, the application can be ported from among competing operators with little or no change.

You can request operators to compete, and thus reduce operating costs.

When your audience is international, the comparison between proprietary and VoiceXML IVR servers is even more compelling.

A proprietary IVR server is physically located in the operator's hosting center. If the service is open to international users, the phone calls must be routed to the hosting center, which adds extra costs.

With a VoiceXML IVR server, you can now eliminate these extra costs: you deploy each VoiceXML Gateway as close as possible to the end users, while keeping the software centralized on the application server.

In short :

VoiceXML technology enables substantial cost reductions in development, operations and maintenance for the following reasons:

  • Portability enables efficient competition. With VoiceXML, you can select your voice services operator at all times.
  • Portability lets you deploy the service as close as possible to the users with no extra cost. In the case of an international audience, you save the costs of routing the calls to the IVR server.
  • Speech synthesis and recognition technologies are built-into VoiceXML, which eliminates software integration concerns, and speeds time to market.
  • Speech synthesis lets you create or update services quickly and easily.
  • Speech recognition lets you design more user-friendly IVR services.
  • VoiceXML relies on Internet standards, which brings a hoard of powerful tools, often at no additional cost.