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Instant Messaging over the phone

Web2tel Messenger is an advanced interactive voice messaging product. With Web2tel Messenger, you keep in touch with your usual Instant Messaging contacts, even without an Internet connection. All you need is your mobile phone handset!

Just call the Web2tel Messenger access number corresponding to your country. Once connected, you may use the major features of your usual Instant Messaging service:

  • The server tells you the presence and availability status of your contacts.
  • You can send voice messages to your contacts. They receive them on their PC, just like any other instant messages, and they listen to your voice messages with a single click.
  • The server tells your contacts that you are available on the phone.
  • Your contacts can send you a message as usual. Web2tel Messenger "reads" the message for you using best-in-class speech synthesis. You may also request an SMS copy.

Web2tel Messenger let's you chat with your usual contacts at any time: you don't have to be sitting at your computer. With Web2tel Messenger, you don't need any specific device. The mobile handset that is already in your pocket is fine!

Keep in touch

Web2tel Messenger supports the major Instant Messaging networks: MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ... and more!