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Your mobile phone as a remote control device

Interactive Digital Signage Systems

Digital Signage display systems are becoming commonplace in public areas, shopping centers and corporate offices. Applications are countless, but typically limited to basic video playout. Viewers are passive, which reduces the traction and impact of those systems.

Some applications include interactive playout systems fitted with touch screens or keyboards. In this case the viewers can become active, but such systems suffer from multiple constraints: the hardware must be abuse-proof, it must be appropriate for outdoors installations, and it has to be within reach of the users. In addition, there is no straightforward solution to provide the user with a copy of the information.

The playout system of the mobile era

Interactive Digital Signage Systems bring solutions to the above issues. They also provide the foundations for new applications.

An Interactive Digital Signage display can be installed above the crowd, out of hand reach but clearly visible. It plays not obly video, but also a phone number. Users watching the video can call or send an SMS. This allows them to take control of the playout, and select the specific information they are intereseted in. The passive spectators turn into empowered consumers. They can request to receive information directly into their phone via SMS: product or service details, phone number to call, promotional coupon...

Interactive Digital Signage systems open the door to a wide range of new applications. It may also be combined with touch screens to create a multimedia interactive kiosk.

Sample Applications

Interactive Digital Signage Systems can be applied to countless contexts. The following examples or far from exhaustive. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your projects.

Real-Estate Agencies

Safely installed behind the shop windows, the Interactive Dignital Signage screen displays goods for sale and a phone number. Using their mobile phone, users call in and select the goods matching their specific requirements: location, size, budget... Selected good are displayed on the screen, and users can download a copy into their handset, including the phone number of the appropriate sales representative.

Travel Agencies

Placed inside the shop window, the Interactive Dignital Signage screen displays a selection of travel plans and a phone number. By calling that number, customers can select the holiday plan they are dreaming of based on their own criteria: destination, dates, budget... and they can download the details into their own handset, including the phone number of the travel agent. They can also request a call-back.

Tourist Offices

The Office is open to inform tourists throughout the day. A night the Interactive Digital Signage system takes over. By calling the displayed number, tourists can select what is displayed: events, shows, accomodation... They can also download the details into their mobile phone.

Public Transport Authorities

Most Public Transport Systems are installing information display systems: timetables updated in real-time, news, work in progress, incidents... there is too much to display! By calling the number displayed on-screen, passengers select the piece of information that is relevant for themselves. They can also register to receive future details.

Shopping Centers

Digital Signage systems are now commonplace in shopping areas. With an Interactive Digital Signage system, mall managers and shop keepers create a personal link with their guests: customers can not only select and view the special offers that they are specifically interested in. They can also receive personal coupons and promotional offers, 100% paper-free.

Banks & Insurance Companies

When the branch office is closed, the Interactive Digital Signage system takes over to advise customers. It plays the latest advertisement campaign and shows a phone number. Customers dial this number and selects the services they are looking for. They can also download details into their handset: rates, special offers, call center or local representative phone number. They can also request a call-back.

Bars, pubs, restaurants, casinos

The Interactive Digital Signage system is an entertainment platform with countless applications.