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The Mobile Electronic Companion

Travel instructions up to the front-door... and beyond!

m-Companion is an interactive service designed to assist people move around and discover public areas.

It provides walking or driving directions as well as user- and location-dependent information.

For example: train or airline departure times, restaurant menus, shop promotions, hotel room availability, tourist information.

Light and affordable end-user equipment

  • In its simplest form, the user needs to carry nothing but a standard GSM handset. Even a low-end GSM handset is appropriate, because m-Companion provides information as an audio stream.
  • A satellite receiver (GPS) may be added for automatic positioning.
  • No database or software license is needed.

Highly-specific instructions

  • Information is selected to match to the user preferences: business, travel, shopping, ...
  • Instructions can be extremely fine-grained, for example depending on which floor and which corridor they are inside a multi-storey building.


Galileo Masters - M-Companion

Sample Applications

  • Walking instructions in dense urban areas, or inside buildings.
  • User-specific walking instructions and targeted advertisement inside a mall or other shopping area.
  • User-specific walking instructions and personalized guidance inside airports, train stations or other complex transportation systems.
  • Driving instructions. m-Companion is substantially cheaper than existing automotive navigation systems
  • Driving and walking instructions inside a car park.
  • Walking instructions and personalized information for the visually challenged.