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Web2tel develops and operates your Next Generation mobile services

The technology used by Web2tel brings the benefits of open systems:

  • Cost reduction, thanks to increased competition.
  • Seamless integration with other applications.
  • Benefits of Web technologies.
  • Faster time to market.

Web2tel's technology leadership cuts down development, operation and maintenance costs of your mobile services.

Web2tel's technology reduces the costs of your mobile services

  • You can freely select your service provider.
  • You keep control of services feature upgrades.
  • You deploy the services closer to the user, with no extra cost.
  • You publish information instantly, thanks to built-in speech synthesis.
  • Your mobile service is more user-friendly, thanks to built-in speech recognition.
  • Your mobile service complies with Internet standards.

Web2tel develops your mobile services

Just focus on your core business and rely on the experts. Web2tel fully takes over the implementation of your IVR services.

Web2tel's VoiceXML applications are tailored for :

Web2tel operates your mobile services

After developing and commissioning the application, Web2tel performs operations and maintenance, using telco-grade VoiceXML infrastructure. Web2tel is a partner of Eloquant, the leading VoiceXML hosting company in Europe, and PSWinCom, a major International SMS services provider.