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Next generation mobile applications

During the past decade, the telecom industry made a tremendous effort to build fully functional, reliable and efficient VoiceXML platforms. Those products are now ready for your applications.

Web2tel propose the following solutions :

Other products are in progress. Please check this page for updates... or contact us for additional information.

Select Web2tel and secure your investment

  • Portability enables efficient competition. You keep control over your voice services provider.
  • Portability makes your service more flexible. You can deploy it over multiple VoiceXML Gateways around the world, while keeping a centralized application server.
  • You benefit from speech recognition and synthesis technology embedded in the platforms.
  • Your application relies on Web Standards.

Select Web2tel and rely on the specialists

  • VoiceXML is our core technology. Our VoiceXML expertise is recognized by the Industry.
  • We master key application server technologies: PHP and Java (JSP).
  • Our team is highly skilled, featuring more than 15 years of experience in R&D, support and operations of advanced telecom products.